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At some point in life, it seems that everyone will eventually need the help of an attorney. Sometimes this help is required in order to manage problems that already exist. Other times people have a lawyer create an estate or business plan to reduce the risk of future difficulties.

As an attorney and counselor in the law, Michael J. O’Loughlin advises people who need help in the areas of personal injury, family and business matters. If Michael does not focus in a client’s specific area of need, he uses his personal relationships and experience to help clients find a lawyer who does have the experience and qualifications the client needs, and who charges a fair price. In addition to helping clients find the right attorney, Michael often stays involved to help manage the case and assist the other attorney as opportunity requires.

Some of the areas where people seek Michael’s guidance include: Personal Injury issues, Family concerns and Business matters.

Personal Injury Advisor

Suffering serious injury or experiencing the death of a loved one under painful circumstances is an extremely difficult experience for all involved. Over the last 16 years, Michael has counseled families who are struggling with the death or serious injury of a loved one. Our office is sensitive to the needs of those who are still grieving, but at the same time are determined to hold accountable the person or corporation that caused the death or injury. We do our best to guide clients through the legal system without causing additional stress or pain to the surviving family members or the person who was injured.

Personal injury cases require a special type of litigation skill and financial resources which are not possessed by all attorneys who advertise themselves as “Personal Injury Lawyers.” While Michael does not make Court appearances, he has many years of experience helping clients find an attorney who can assist them with their particular area of need.

Choosing the right attorney when it comes to personal injury law is extremely important due to the fact that clients often have just one opportunity to achieve a successful outcome to their case. The right personal injury attorney can be the difference between success or failure in a lawsuit. Our office is here to guide clients through their personal injury matter and to help them find the personal injury attorney who can properly represent them.

It is important to have a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney advocate for the client to help the client receive a fair and proper settlement, or if no such settlement is achieved, to represent the client effectively in Court.

Causes of injuries and death are often a result of:

Timing is extremely important for several reasons:

     1. Evidence must be discovered and preserved;
     2. Witnesses need to be found and interviewed;
     3. Defendants must be identified; and
     4. Most lawsuits are required to be filed within a limited amount of time after the injury has occurred or it will be forever too late to file a lawsuit.

It is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to negotiate a fair settlement, or to file a lawsuit on behalf of those who are injured. Often people ask:

Where can I find an attorney I can trust?

How much will it cost and what is a fair fee?

How do I know which attorney is best for this particular type of injury case?

Can I believe the attorney advertising I see on TV, the internet and in the phone book?

Michael can guide clients through these questions and help them find a personal injury attorney to skillfully represent them with their personal injury matter.

In addition to helping clients find the right attorney, Michael can stay involved in the lawsuit as co-attorney with the personal injury attorney to help oversee the case and assist as needed. However, Michael does not individually represent clients in Court. In these co-attorney relationships, the legal fee the client pays is not increased. Rather, Michael and the other attorney share the contingency fee which is only paid if the client wins their case or receives a settlement.

In personal injury litigation, finding the right attorney can be the difference between success or failure. If you would like more information on the personal injury services we offer, please call our office at (660) 263-2600 or email us at to schedule a consultation with Michael at no charge.

Family Advisor

Even in the best of families, difficulties sometimes arise. In other words, “Life” happens to everyone. When families are faced with a serious struggle, Michael is available to guide them through their difficulty. Although Michael is a well-seasoned attorney, Clients are often surprised at the warm and understanding manner in which he assists them. Michael’s understanding, non-judgmental attitude immediately puts people at ease as they discuss confidential family concerns with him.

Michael has been helping families for over 16 years. He can draw upon that experience and his knowledge of the law to guide your family through the difficulty you are facing. Our office understands that being confidential is extremely important. If Michael can be of help to you, please feel free to call upon him any time. It can give families peace of mind knowing Michael is available to guide them through many types of situations. Listed below are a few common examples:

Aging Parent Guidance

As loved ones get older, families are faced with new and unique concerns. Michael frequently guides families through the financial and legal difficulties that arise when they have aging parents or other loved ones. Michael does more than simply prepare estate planning documents. He is available to counsel family members on the new and difficult situations they face. Michael can draw upon his years of experience to guide families through concerns such as finding the right in-home care provider, knowing when it is time to take away a parent’s car keys, or helping the parent pay their bills and manage their finances. Often there’s a delicate balance that must be maintained between a parent’s need for being independent and having a feeling of control over their life, and a child’s desire to help and protect their parent.

Family Disagreements

Even the best of families can occasionally have disagreements. When faced with a family issue, sometimes reasonable family members have different opinions on the best way to address the situation. Michael is known for his ability to help families confidentially resolve difficult or sensitive family disagreements. Sometimes he does this by facilitating a family meeting in which everyone can discuss their concerns in a safe, controlled environment. Other times he meets with family members individually. Sometimes simply helping family members understand one another can open the doors to effective dispute resolution dialogue that resolves the disagreement.

Preventive Planning

Some families try to anticipate and get prepared for the different struggles life may have in store for them. For these wise families Michael is available to counsel them on how to minimize those future risks. He truly believes the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Whenever we are faced with something new in life, it’s useful to draw upon the experience of other people who have faced a similar situation. If you would like more information on the Family Advisor services we offer, please call our office at (660) 263-2600 or email us at to schedule a consultation with Michael at no charge.

Business Advisor

A Business Advisor (also known as an “Outside General Counsel”) is an attorney who is not an employee of a business, but instead is available on an as-needed basis to assist the business in the legal matters that arise. Over time, the Outside General Counsel usually becomes quite familiar with the company, its senior management, and its operations.

The Outside General Counsel will perform some of the company’s legal work directly, and will also oversee the work of other attorneys whose particular expertise is required for a given legal matter.

We sometimes hear business owners say they cannot afford the help of an attorney who is a full-time General Counsel for their business. An Outside General Counsel who works on a project-by-project basis makes it more affordable for small businesses to have the legal help they need.

As an Outside General Counsel, Michael helps manage the legal side of the business, so management can focus on what they do best, growing the business. The legal issues he assists a business with generally concern two areas: 1) Litigation and Conflict Management; and 2) Risk Prevention.

Litigation and Conflict Management

Michael can provide an objective, candid analysis of existing or threatened litigation. He is able to help a business with the management of a dispute before or after the commencement of litigation.

While Michael does not make Court appearances, he uses his experience and professional relationships to find a trial attorney with the experience and qualifications to help a company with its particular litigation needs. Working with the trial attorney, Michael strategically manages the litigation and stays involved with the Court proceedings or settlement negotiations.

Risk Prevention

In today’s business environment, it can be far more damaging to only seek the help of an attorney after a problem has occurred, than it is to have an attorney regularly monitoring the business to prevent problems. Having an Outside General Counsel makes it more comfortable for a business owner or manager to pick up the phone to speak with an attorney to discuss a little problem before it becomes a big problem.

One step towards minimizing risk is to ensure that a contract exists for every business relationship a company has, including relationships with employees, partners, clients and suppliers. A straightforward but thorough contract will go a long way to avoid or minimize conflicts.

Michael can review a company’s existing contracts to offer suggestions on ways to improve the company’s position in the agreement. He can also prepare new contracts for the business to incorporate with every person and entity it has a business relationship with.

Michael’s objective is to help companies reduce risks with current and future relationships and transactions by:

     1. Representing the Buyers or Sellers of a business.
     2. Creating new business entities and advising on risk reduction strategies.
     3. Overseeing real estate matters such as buying, selling or leasing property.
     4. Preparation and review of contracts.
     5. Mediating disagreements between company management, shareholders, employees and individuals.
     6. Litigation and settlement oversight.

Sometimes an outside set of eyes can see issues people working in the day-to-day operation of a business cannot see. When current or potential problems are identified, often solutions can be implemented to correct those issues or reduce the risks.

Running a small business is a rewarding but challenging endeavor. Most business owners are extremely busy with the many day-to-day tasks involved with running the business. It is helpful to outsource those functions that are important, but not unique to the business such as legal, accounting and payroll services. Michael’s assistance helps business owners focus on what they do best, growing the business.

If you would like more information on the Advisor services we offer, please call our office at (660) 263-2600 or email us at to schedule a consultation with Michael at no charge.

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